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Pietro Rocchi

Studio Fotografico Rocchi

Luxury, sport and old cars photographer

Pietro Rocchi, international photographer, based in Lugano - Switzerland.​


I am a luxury and vintage car photographer specializing in capturing the beauty of their forms. My images bring out the details of the cars in every detail, making the shots I make suggestive.

Art and creativity have always been the main target of the projects in my life.

I love the lines, the curves, the aerodynamics, the car body that enhances its beauty. I always try to follow through the lens, the research and the passion that the designers and car body builders of any era have achieved. Every component of a car is for me a sculpture, a work of art for its own sake. I like to highlight it, and to convey the work of designers where the mechanical details escape the most attentive eye. From Vittorio Jano to Giugiaro, to Pagani, to Bertone and Pininfarina, the history of the cars and of style personally represents, on an artistic level, the perfect inspiration that I try to transform into works of art in my photos.
Pietro Rocchi fotografo
Pietro Rocchi photographer

Partners and clients

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